This is the Blank String podcast, staring Luke, Tim and Matt as they talk about things and stuff and junk and things.

Blank String start their Pokemon adventure (Part 1 of 3)

Luke, Matt and Tim take on the role of the worlds most powerful monsters in order to solve one of the least understood issues, also someone is a Magikarp, Matt resorts to blackmail and Tim burns things. Yet another well rounded and thought out episode.

Blank String play "You Must Choose"

Luke, Matt and Tim pose questions to each other and they must pick one answer or the other

Blank String design the perfect kitchen

Luke's kitchen is ill equipped for mordern day kitchen life. It lacks the essentials, trebuchets, fire, pigs, and a super dangerous defense system to name a few things.

Blank String pull of the biggest heist of the century

Matt, Luke and Tim checked their pockets to find no money. Banks have lots of money, so we will just take all of theirs

Blank String plan to go to Mars

Luke, Matt, and Tim invite a select few to come to Mars, and we invent the best burrito on the burrito market

Blank String create an amazing dining experience

Matt, Luke, and Tim take on the food industry to design an all new and amazing dining experience, looking for investors now (Luke is also sorry for recording in a field)

Blank String plan the best holiday of all time

Blank String are tired of working really hard one hour every two weeks, so we have decided to go on a summer holiday. Where will we go, what will we do, what do you mean tickled by snakes?

Blank String go on a tour of their offices

Join Matt, Tim and Luke whilst they discuss the grand design of their wonderful offices. If you don't have any of these features in your office then you aren't really in an office

Blank String come back from Google IO

It starts off with Tim talking about the great Google IO then moves into a competition, does Matt get any answers correct? No one knows, but we gave him some points anyway.

Blank String turn themselves into gods

Three podcasters step into the ring of Mount Olympus and only one will step out. Unless their powers are utterly useless and serve no purpose other than for a good laugh!